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  • Diamond in the rough – Sharm el Sheikh
    by Tina Benson on August 16, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    Happy new month Travellers. I wanted to talk today about that special person that nurtured my love for travelling. My beautiful sister, Bolanle. At the age of 16, she took me on my first trip to Toronto, Canada (just the 2 of us). Unfortunately, pictures weren’t so big back then so I hardly have anything to show and will therefore not be the focus of this months’ blog. Instead, I’ll share with you our experience to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. I remember it was my sisters’ birthday and I treated her to Egypt as a thank you for being a wonderful sis. At that age, cheap was best! And I’d booked for us to stay in a 3* hotel in Ama Sina (not too far from Naama Bay – the main place you want to be if you do Sharm el Sheikh). Upon arrival, I literally remember making my sister cry as it really was not up to standard or as the pictures portrayed! I felt awful, but being relatively a child and broke, we had no choice but to stay!! After our first night, we are so glad we did! It was Egyptian themed family run hotel (not the typical swanky British hotels we’d been used to). The service was brilliant; they really catered for us (probably because we were 2 young mixed race girls!). I remember our towels daily would be displayed on our bed in a swan or love or some great design. It was one of the best experiences we ended up having, despite that first shock on arrival! Very glad we couldn’t afford to move unless we wouldn’t have experienced that hospitality. Egypt is an amazing place; so much culture and fun activities to do. First day, we befriended a tour operator who helped us... Continue Reading […]

  • Dalaaarna LOVESTORY Collection
    by My Wedding Nigeria on July 25, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    LOVE STORY – Daalarna’s newest collection was inspired by the multiple facets of love. Classic fabrics infused with abstract patterns, illusion-like trains, styles ranging from princess gowns through feminine and sexy shapes to conservative, minimalist styles – you can find it all in LOVE STORY. The collection reflects the precious moment of finding The One out of thousands and saying yes for a lifetime! Just like a beautiful love story…In this stunning collection no bride has to make a compromise, everyone can find their “true love” and fall in love with THE dress! “As a bridal gown designer I get to hear thousands of different love stories. There are no two relationships that are the same…similarly, each bride has a different idea about what their perfect dress is. That’s the beauty of our LOVE STORY collection. Between the different styles and fabrics, everyone can find the gown that’s best for them!” – Anita Benes, chief designer of Daalarna Couture. Pic by: […]

  • Cote D’Azur – A surprise find
    by Tina Benson on July 19, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    Hi travellers It’s rare to say this, but I’m actually enjoying our lovely summer weather in good old England!! (doesn’t happen often, so let’s make the most of it!). However, travelling is more than just good weather, there’s so much more: “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. For me, it really is about exploring what else is out there; other cultures; other foods; other lifestyles. It makes for more tolerant and understanding people also. I ashamedly admit that I therefore have Venice, Bodrum, Istanbul and Santorini lined up to see me through the rest of 2017! Enough of the rambling. Today we step into the south of France: Nice (Cote D’azur). I absolutely loved this place. It was by chance we went but I in no way regret it. I had a group holiday booked to celebrate my 30th last year to Egypt but due to economic situations, BA cancelled our flights. At short notice, I had to change locations and managed to find Nice at a very cheap price, including stay at 4* Radisson Blu with Seaview promenade location; so could not complain. Where do I even begin? For those who love Cape Town, Nice is kind of a mini version. The French are so healthy. Daily bike rides & jogging across the sea front. Hubby & I frequently walked the sea front but never biked or jogged (I wish we were that kind of couple, but let’s not lie; we’d prefer to have a seat and drink in our hand!). You can catch a city tour bus, or the quaint tour trains to see the city. Take a stroll around the shops and sit at the many bistro’s to try a variety of foods. What made Nice even more... Continue Reading […]

  • A love story from Woolich-DOYIN and NIYI
    by My Wedding Nigeria on June 23, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Excited much in getting my hands back on the blog for a fresh wedding. Much thanks for Doyin and Niyi for their submission. When a man says he sees you as his wife, mother, sister and friend; now if that is not love, I don’t know what that is……. How we met (doyin) : The first time we meet was about 8years ago, we met at a friend’s birthday in Woolwich, UK. He made a bold step to speak to me, but I did not gave him a chance. Somehow he got my number from a friend of mine, and he rang my phone, and said he wants us to be friends. I gave him a chance and we became so close. The Proposal It was my birthday and he picked me up at the saloon and we bothe headed for mines to get ready for our outing. As we got into the car he said can you please close your eyes I refused at first demanding why but eventually I did and few minutes later he said you can open your eyes and I did and there he was on his knees outside with car door opened asking will you marry me I was surprised but of course I said yes. I knew a day like today was coming soon because lately all Niyi talks about is starting a family how many kids I would  like to have; you know things of that nature had been his main topic of discussion, just didn’t know it will be that soon. Few months later he said we need to start planning our wedding so we both informed our parents about our decisions they were happy for us and here we are……. NIYI : I met my friend, sister, mother and wife... Continue Reading […]

  • Prague – The City of Love
    by Tina Benson on June 22, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Hi travellers! I struggled this month on where to take you! I’ve been pre-occupied touring South Africa in April, Ibiza in May and a road trip to America in June; that any other places to share with you doesn’t seem to quite compare! However, after much deliberation, I decided that Prague; the first holiday my husband and I took, would be the perfect place. I hope you wondered why I titled it “City of Love”.  I’m probably biased, but Prague is where my now-husband fell in love with me (he says it’s the other way round, but it totally wasn’t!). I know commercially, Paris is the city of love, but we’ve been there twice and compared to other cities we’ve been to, it’s really not our best place. So apart from hubby falling madly in love with me, Prague really is a hidden gem. Firstly, it’s value for money. You could get a 5* hotel for the price of a 3* for sure. It’s a city you can go to either in good or bad weather. We went around end October time and there was a speciality market on. It was nice to wrap up, taste a variety of foods, and get a real feel for the town. It’s got something for everyone. For those who like to walk and see the sights, you have the beautiful Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. That’s history and beauty right there. You’ve got the old town that you can look round and shop in, but you’ve also got the Jewish Quarter. We realised the Jewish Quarters were more where locals shopped with cheaper prices; whereas old town was tourist area with a tad inflation on prices (But they’re not the only city to do that). For other sights, you’ve got the sex museum;... Continue Reading […]

  • Colourful White Wedding of Farida & Moses | Diko Photography
    by Festus Okoro on June 5, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    When we run out of time am still going to love you Farida. Colourful and lavish wedding pictures of Farida and Moses will definitely make fall in love. Love is so much in the air as Farida weds Moses.We wish you a happy union.   Credit. Couple  @pharydah and @mo5es Photography @dikophotography Decor  @torgeevents mua @angiez_glam. […]

    by My Wedding Nigeria on May 23, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    All the rave about natural hair! Are you keeping one or thinking of going natural?  A little thought on the cost involved of maintaining one. I heard it is affordable to keep one but I beg to disagree. Everyday is a learning process in growing, moisturizing , brushing and pulling… then the dozens of moisturizing creams you have to get to keep up with the afrocentric style. Too much for some of us! On the flip side, natural hair looks great on dark skin girls. Pulls of a beautiful new you without the treatment of using harsh chemicals. This beautiful  bridal inspirational shoot by TSImagery got us  swoon with the natural hair look.   Brides all over the world are enbracing this new versatility. Gorgeous isn’t she?  Maybe I just go buy one and wrap it on? Credits: Model:@whitemelanin MUA @pinksignatures Bridal Hair @beautybeam14 Dress @softouchcouture Photo @ts.imagery_events […]

  • Game of Thrones Adventure
    by Tina Benson on May 15, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Welcome to May’s travel adventure. Today we fly to Dubrovnik (Croatia), film location for the famous game of thrones. I have a confession to make. I don’t watch game of thrones and have never watched a full episode! But when you go to a movie set, you can’t but do the tour! For the avid fans, there’s a “game of thrones” tour you should definitely do. It will take you across the old city walls and show you sets of parts of scenes. For a novice like me, it was still quite fascinating. And being on top of the walls with those amazing views was still worth it. I’ve actually been to Dubrovnik twice. Yes! That’s how awesome it is. The quaint streets of Old Town Dubrovnik, finding a restaurant by the sea front and eating a large pot of mussel with wine… Heaven! Dubrovnik really has something for everyone. For the elderly, you really will love strolling and finding little gems across the town. Take a break at the many bistro’s and restaurants offering decently priced delicious foods. Fill your water bottle with fresh water from the spectacular water fountain. For the more adventurous, if you’re not the Game of Throne enthusiast, fear not! You can catch a cable car to the top and then climb the old city walls (I’ve done both). That’s their history so it’s a must do. You could also: Go kayaking. You’ll need some strength! The sea wasn’t easy to stride through. Thank God for the husband who did most (if not all!!) the work Take a day or overnight trip to Split, another town. You’ll need your passport to cross through so make sure to take that along with you (we didn’t know this and was scared we would be turned back!) Take a... Continue Reading […]

  • “Jamaica, Take life easy”
    by Tina Benson on April 11, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Hello travellers! Hope you enjoyed our trip to Mauritius last month. Today, we step into Montego Bay, Jamaica. A beautiful, relaxed place that is a must for your bucket list.  I was fortunate to go to Montego Bay for a cousin’s wedding. But it highlighted how much better the place is with a group of people – so if you’re looking for locations for a group of you, Jamaica is the one. Now, I originally said I wasn’t one to lounge about all day doing nothing, but here, you can do that without getting bored and not even realising all you’re doing is eating, sunbathing, drinking and simply relaxing!  If you do Montego Bay, the best thing to do is go all inclusive. It’s not the cheapest of locations, but with all inclusive, you need not hunger or thirst! The amount of restaurant’s and variety of foods available was absolutely awesome. Honestly, you will need to do exercise when you return as you do put on a few pounds. But the food is so delicious, it’s simply worth it. Just a snapshot of what we did: Relaxing:wake up from your hotel room, come out to the beautiful sun, sea & sand, find a sun lounger and that’s your spot for the rest of the day! In between, play volleyball (or beach activities) with your group or other hotel guests; play board games (available free to rent); get involved with arranged resort activities (I’m proud to say, Hubby won a drinking game!); make use of the free water sports; be a big kid again and go on the water rides (yes, I totes loved this!); dip in the pool and situate yourself in a nice spot by the pool bar; get a beautiful tan; drink as many free cocktails as you... Continue Reading […]

  • Aminat & Idris Colourful Traditional Wedding & Nikkai Ceremony
    by Festus Okoro on April 7, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    We are celebrating the colourful and simple wedding here on on My Wedding Nigeria with some beautiful images of brides and grooms looking great in their traditional  attires. Feast your eyes on some gorgeous, luscious, rich colours and culture. In the presence of their dearest friends and family, Aminat and Idris held a traditional Nikkai Ceremony. The beautiful moments were captured by Happy Benson Pixels. CREDIT Photography: Happy Benson Pixels @happybensonpixels Makeup: Christine Signatures @christinesignatures […]

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