Violence at Wembley

The events at Wembley on Sunday saw videos of violence emerge from London and specifically outside and even in the  stadium.

Hundreds of fans stormed the ground to gain entry without having tickets on them and were successful.

Fans inside the stadium were seen trying to take the law into their own hands, attacking those that have forced entry.

Police say operations didn’t fail

Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, who was the lead on the public order, has said that without the work that the police undertook on the day, the event could have been abandoned entirely.

“One of the most significant and comprehensive policing plans the Met has ever committed to a football match of this scale,” said Connors.

“I do not accept that the policing operation failed and I stand by the difficult decisions made by police officers and the Met’s public order commanders.

“Without their immediate intervention, it is possible that this game could have been abandoned.”

Is it right to claim a victory where so many people gained entry to an event where people have paid to attend?

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No information regarding an investigation into the failure to prevent fans without tickets into the grounds has been mentioned.

Any chance England may have had of hosting World Cup 2030 may have been scuppered after the ridiculous actions of a portion of the attendees to Wembley that day.

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