Millennium Family Practice: A Clinic without Borders

When people think about doctors, they envision someone who is as educated as they are compassionate. Implementing both, Dr. Njideka Udochi has aided a number of patients in her illustrious career as a healthcare professional. At Millennium Family Practice, she provides a level of care that has been seemingly lost in healthcare.

Armed with an array of degrees, Dr Udochi is equipped with a stellar educational background. Garnering her medical degree from the coveted University of Nigeria in 1988, she has since been recognized by the American Board of Family Practice as well as the American Board of Disability Analyst. In regards to experience, she’s held a number of prestigious titles such as the Medical Director of HCH (Head Care for the Homeless) of Baltimore. Working with the underprivileged, she faced challenges head-on and in return, gained a new perspective towards healthcare. Taking her experiences, she opened Millennium Family Practice in 2004 where she has continued to elevate the standard of health care.

Serving as both its Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Udochi’s work at Millennium has allowed the clinic to take on new heights. By specialising in a variety of fields, she’s a certified expert in medical care for children, adults, and the elderly. “I can treat a wide range of issues at Millennium, from primary care for HIV patients to food allergy testing, to urgent care treatment, to physicals,” she says. “It’s one of the reasons the clinic has been so successful. We have a full range of equipment and the ability to conduct many medical tests onsite. We are able to treat many health problems that people typically encounter.” Seeing a plethora of different patients, Dr Udochi is backed by a highly qualified team of fellow doctors and nurses stemming from all different backgrounds.

Millennium was founded on the principles of inclusivity and the staff is fluent in a multitude of different languages such as French, Hindi, Arabic, and Yoruba to name a few. By highlighting the importance of diversity, patients can feel confident that they will be understood without the risk of being lost in translation. It is this attention to the current issues of healthcare that has allowed Millennium to serve its community for the past sixteen years. As they look forward into the future, humanity and compassion remain the guiding principle of both Millennium and Dr Udochi.

“We do not treat diseases, we take care of people.” Dr Udochi quotes. This principle as well as providing comprehensive care as opposed to an individualised approach is how Udochi has obtained the 2021 Family Physician of the Year award. By offering a variety of different treatments and tests, Udochi has opened a full-stock clinic and treats a number of different ailments. Ranging from physicals for athletes to the treatment of skin lesions, there are few conditions that Millennium can’t treat. Approaching every case with the utmost care, Dr Udochi has brought a sense of humanity into the world of medicine and alike.

During her time as Medical Director of HCH of Baltimore City, Dr Udochi was made aware of just how dispositioned the underprivileged were. At Millennium Family Practice, they believe that finance should be a determining factor in the discussion of health. “My time as the Medical Director of HCH has solidified my belief in the caring of the less privileged in our society.” Seeing both insured and self-pay patients, Millennium offers its services to all backgrounds.

As Millennium Family Practice grows, Dr Udochi continues to thrive for improvement with her practice as well as healthcare as a whole. Within the industry, she has worked alongside the best and takes what she learned and channels it into her practice. Through Millennium Family Practice, Dr Udochi seeks to increase the accessibility of healthcare.

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