Marcelo Bielsa insists Newcastle United will not be able to go out and merely sign who they want following their new-found wealth – and insists the rules may prevent them spending their way to the top.

The Toon Army and their supporters must be rubbing their eyes in disbelief following the £300m buyout of Mike Ashley.The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has been listed as the chair of PIF, with his value ranging from £250bn to £320bn. That, in turn, makes Newcastle the richest club in the world.

And with money seemingly no object when it comes to strengthening the side, Newcastle will soon become major players in the Premier League.

Leeds boss Bielsa was question about their new-found wealth at his press conference on Thursday.

And he insists that while they may have lots of money, they are far from unique in doing so. In that manner, they will also have to compete for the top players among several other wealthy clubs.

Furthermore, he claims the Financial Fair Play rules in the Premier League and beyond won’t necessarily mean they can sign all who they want.

“The situation surrounding the acquisition of Newcastle, the analysis around it has no novelties,” Bielsa began. “Perhaps some positive things, but all the negative things being said have two big ways of being observed.

“First of all: they have already happened and they are happening right now. Secondly: there are rules established to avoid the damaging consequences an operation of this type can have.

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“My opinion has no importance. Talking about something that repeats itself. Negative consequences, rules prevent them.

“What should be analysed, the media illustrate to the public, the administration of the industry to protect it – what should be analysed is what I’ve just said.

“What’s allowed and what’s prevented is actually prevented. If the rules that prevent the negative consequences are being applied.

“You have answers to everything I have said. You have answers not discussable. Any response you have will be linked to the rules that are above all these questions.

“As a result, I consider it makes no sense to manifest because you should have an opinion, first of all when it corresponds to the job. This is not a case where I give my opinion.

“Secondly, when there’s a space in the rules to make a contribution from my optic for the design of the rules. None of this is happening. There’s rules and the realities already implemented. From there on there is no sense for me to have an opinion.”

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‘Premier League the best in the world’ – Bielsa

What Newcastle’s new-found wealth will do, however, is strengthen what Bielsa already considers to be the best league in the world.

He continued: “It’s the best league in the world without a doubt. The best players are here. A group of great coaches here also.

“Even if the world has a lot of good players not here, here there are a lot of good players playing.

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“The organisation of the competition is unique. What the public signifies for the English spectacle is a contribution to the spectacle. Does not happen anywhere else in such a high proportion.

“Everything I have said, everyone says it, nothing new.

“Something more: important – within this globalised scenario, English football has managed an expression of players not had in a long time. Quality and quantity, as well as results.

“All of that needed by a great English coach. All confirmed by the achievements. How could you improve such a structure!

“Of course, there are things to improve. I do not have clear whether the level is better this year than last. Sincerely, it’s difficult to notice those changes.”

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